Work in progress - DJ SHIVA

Work in progress - DJ SHIVA

DJ Name


Hometown Kumamoto Prefecture

Reason for moving to Tokyo Cause I dropped out of school. Half cause I was trying to find myself but the other half cause why not? lol

What do you do on your days off?

I work at club HARLEM in Shibuya. On my days off, I go clubbing in Shibuya or I just DJ at home. Sometimes I play Billiard and Darts too.

What characterizes your DJ style?

I try to keep my song selections and transitions as original as possible. I personally like to use scratches randomly in songs.

Who or what has influenced you? I currently get a lot of influence and inspiration from my work place. Just cause I’m constantly surrounded by new music, and I get to listen to different DJs. Only with the parts I can steal a bit, I take and add them to my playlists.

Which artists are you currently into? Any artist featured on Soulection

Rich Brian I followed him ever since he was known as “Rich chigga” cause the dude is amazing! His most recent album, “The Sailor”, has a real nice modern feeling to it.

Additional Comments

Every 2nd+4th Thursday Shibuya// VUENOS TOKYO DECK THURSDAY

Every 3rd Thursday Shinjuku// WARP Aaalright

Every 3rd+4th Monday Shibuya// R-Lounge FUTURE

You can check out my schedule on Instagram and Twitter too, so Please come out and see me perform!

Instagram @djshiva096 Twitter @djshiva096


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